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marina's wizard of oz-inspired shower invitations

Lauren Covington blue botanical bridal shower floral invitation poppy wedding shower wizard of oz

No doubt, my favorite scene from Wizard of Oz is when Dorthy & Co. find themselves in the field of poppies as they approach the Emerald City.

So when I was approached to create some Wizard of Oz-inspired invitations for a wedding shower, I knew there'd be no yellow brick road or rainbows, but a lots of pretty botanical poppies and little hint of Dorothy's famous gingham dress. 

The realistic botanicals make these bridal a little more sophisticated than a typical themed invitation. Let's face it, even as a party planner, you're not always in charge of the theme - but there's always a nice way to present ANY theme. Congrats, Marina!

Wizard of Oz Wedding Shower Invitation Poppy Floral

Poppy Floral Envelope Liner Wizard of Oz Invite

For custom wedding shower invitations, contact Lauren at Charm & Fig.

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