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Charm & Fig — coral

dara's & paul's floral alice in wonderland wedding shower inviation

Lauren Covington botanical charm & fig coral custom floral invitation paper pink shower wedding wedding paper

We went botanical crazy for this Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding shower invitation. Dara's sister Nora wanted a romantic, whimsical garden party feel, with a nod to Lewis Carroll's fantastical literary adventures. We knew a colorful floral liner was a must!  Have spring fever? Check out Nora's gorgeous blog, Northern Bloom for lots of floral eye candy. For custom invitations, contact Charm & Fig.

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grapefruit moving announcements / homage to the rosemary salty dog

Lauren Covington announcement blue charm & fig coral grapefruit moving new home paper recipe stationery watercolor

Our biggest accomplishment of 2013 was finding a place to call our own. After some aggressive searching and saving we found a great little 1938 bungalow in Houston's East End. During our search, one house we visited had an amazing grapefruit tree and although the house wasn't right for us, we were hellbent on planting a grapefruit tree in whichever house we ended up buying. We found our house, we planted the tree and even though it bears no fruit, it was only natural that we celebrated our new ouse and tree with rosemary salty dogs. Good gin, fresh grapefruits...

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weekend itinerary for your best gal's bachelorette party

Lauren Covington bachelorette party invite bachelorette party itinerary charm & fig coral stationery wedding paper

Why the bachelorette weekend itinerary? The party planners already know who is going, who is on the fence -- but a mailed piece gives the guests an idea of what's in store for the big weekend. These weekends take so much planning and commitment by everyone attending, so the bridesmaids usually know who is 'in' or 'out' far in advance. and suddenly, a generic invitation becomes a bit arbitrary. ...but there's still so many details to communicate to the guests and an email can be a little lack-luster. The bachelorette itinerary is an easy way way to get the guests...

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