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Charm & Fig — organization

a few of my favorite [office] things

Lauren Covington calligraphy office organization supplies tombow work

a few of my favorite [office] things

Do you like that creepy baby hand? Charlie couldn't stand that I was 'setting things up' and had to get his grubbies involved. #toddlerlife 1. Rebecca Minkoff Tote / 2. Rhodia Meeting Notebook / 3. Poppin Ruler / 4. Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe / 5. Crane & Co's Wedding Blue Book / 6. Gold Paper Clips / 7. Washi Tape / 8. Rhodia Dot Pad / 9. 3M Mini Post It Note  / 10. Uni-ball Vision Stick Rollerball Pens / 11. Tombow Brush Pens / 12.  Yoobi Highlighter Pencil / 13. Delfonics Mechanical Pencil It took me awhile to discover that surrounding myself with beautiful, functional office supplies would bring me such joy. Let me be...

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