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torchy's tacos red reveal orientation invitations

Lauren Covington charm & fig code decoder foil invitation red red reveal spy stationery top secret

Early last year I had the tasty pleasure of collaborating with Torchy's Tacos to create its staff orientation invitations. I'll go ahead and admit that research for this project involved at least two trailer park tacos. How could a then-pregnant woman deny a taco with fried chicken in it?
Instead of doing something boring, like call a staff meeting or send out an email, Torchy's invited its staff (via snail mail) to a super rad orientation weekend. 
It was their idea send out something that had to be decoded, so we went with the classic "red reveal" method. I had these little files custom made and hand-stamped them with TOP SECRET on the tab to give it more authenticity. The files were then foil-stamped with a black Torchy's pitchfork and closed off with a red rubber band.
Inside the folder we included a tiny envelope with the red reveal decoder enclosed. On the other side of the folder was the invitation with all the 'hidden' details for the weekend. Look closely and you'll see some of the ingredients for Torchy's breakfast tacos as the visual noise blocking out the blue message.
And the red reveal below...
Boom. Decoded. This was so much fun to play around with! I would love to see something like this for a kid's spy-themed birthday party invitation.
For custom design and invitations, contact Charm and Fig.

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