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nan & tim's minimal + modern tulum wedding invitations

Lauren Covington agave botanical cactus charm & fig gold green illustration international invitation invite kraft mexico minimal modern stationery succulent tulum wedding wedding paper

If you choose Tulum, Mexico for you wedding destination, chances are you're a down-to-earth, easy-going couple. Nan and Tim are definitely those people and wanted to keep their invitations clean and modern with hints of natural elements to maintain their vision of a laid-back wedding celebration. We used sage and pewter ink, minimal sans-serif typography and printed everything on 100% cotton paper.
The pieces were then bundled with a simple brass paperclip and enclosed in a 6 x 8" sturdy kraft mailer with a belt label.
Belt labels are great because you can eliminate the hassle of printing or writing on envelopes and knock out both the recipient and return addresses in one punch. Plus, we were able to carry over design elements from the invitations onto the label.
For the response cards, we included space for guests to fill out their travel information -- always a good idea for international weddings. It gives the bride and groom a good estimate of how many guests may be available for pre-wedding events that haven't been planned yet... such as a welcome breakfast or yoga on the beach!
For custom wedding invitations, contact Charm & Fig.

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