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Deals! Deals! Deals! (shoutout to Broad City)

Lauren Covington

Alright, I've been sucked into Amazon Prime Day. A few of these items are my staples for work (brush pens, paintbrushes, notebooks), some are just fun for improving your home work space (oil diffuser!, and some are just plain cool (copper tape, major sale on the Cricut) Let me know if you've found anything neat that I've missed.
Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine - I've borrowed one of these before.. this is the crafter's ultimate dream, and the possibilities are endless. Pinterest people, this is for you.

Nightscape Watercolor Brush Marker Pens, Felt Nib, Firm Tip, Set of 12 Colors. I can just imagine all of the pretty envelopes that could be created with these. I love that the colors aren't super bright -- it's a sophisticated palette.

Copper Foil Tape - while I have no practical use for this, I've seen so many great DIY's with industrial metallic tape. And we're still digging the copper trend.
Dot-Grid Notebooks. Can never have enough!
 Detail paint brush set. These little brushes would be great for all those botanical watercolors I've been wanting to make. I've found that even my smallest brushes haven't been small enough when the water swells it up. 
This copper desk calendar! Takes up minimal space, and brings a little glam to your workspace.

InnoGear wooden oil diffuser, with LED lights (!!!). Another excellent home office accessory that isn't a total eyesore. I ordered mine this morning, along with this essential oil starter kit.

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