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sydney's oktoberfest-inspired pumpkin patch birthday invitations

Lauren Covington birthday children fall farm invitation orange pumpkin

It's fall y'all! I bet I'm the only person who has said that on the internet today. In the spirit of the first day of fall, I wanted to share these invitations from last year. It's a sweltering 93 degrees here in Houston, but hats off to all of you beautiful people wearing scarves and flannel.
Sydney was having a party at a farm during pumpkin season, so was I heavily inspired unruly pumpkin patches, Oktoberfest and maybe some craft brews. It should be noted that no three-year olds consumed beer at this party.
Fall Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party Invitation FarmOctoberfest Birthday Party Invitation Fall Pumpkin Patch
Old MacDonald's Farm Humble
...and look! We went to this shin-dig-- Sydney is Charlie's #1 girl.


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