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i can't say "i do" without you... new gold foil cards + thoughts on launching new products

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I've been trying to come up with a pretty "I Can't say "I Do" Without You" card for what seems like a year. It would be embarrassing to even show the many drafts of this design that were over-designed with swirls and dots that didn't quote feel like me. After leaving the project alone for awhile I just wrote it out quickly with a Tombow brush pen and thought, "There it's is! That's the design I want to make."

It's simple and chic, but not certainly not "perfect." There is always a mix of excitement and insecurity when I launch a new product. Thanks to Katherine in San Francisco for putting my mind at ease a bit and ordering these cards with pretty pink envelopes. I'm so grateful for the first sale. xo

These sweet little cards are available in the shop here.

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