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weekend itinerary for your best gal's bachelorette party

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Why the bachelorette weekend itinerary? The party planners already know who is going, who is on the fence -- but a mailed piece gives the guests an idea of what's in store for the big weekend.
These weekends take so much planning and commitment by everyone attending, so the bridesmaids usually know who is 'in' or 'out' far in advance. and suddenly, a generic invitation becomes a bit arbitrary.
...but there's still so many details to communicate to the guests and an email can be a little lack-luster. The bachelorette itinerary is an easy way way to get the guests excited and convince those on-the-fencers that the weekend is not to be missed!
give us a shout if you're interested in getting these itinerary's made for your next big weekend event! they're great for birthdays, weddings, family reunions and more.

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