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lindy & chris's sun-bleached fiesta wedding celebration invitations

Lauren Covington beach california desert fiesta foil gold invitation kraft navajo post card texas vellum vintage white

This was a fun one to create (and ultimately style and photograph with the lovely Bri Costello).

Lindy and Chris are an adorable LA couple with endless creativity -- they write, produce, act, model... you name it. A few months after they became engaged, they had a private wedding ceremony on the beautiful beaches of Malibu. With the blessing of the couple, the parents planned one fabulous Tex-Mex fiesta to honor the newlyweds in their home state. 

desert wedding invitation white foil kraft paper texas california mexican

Since this invite was all about the celebration, we skipped the formalities and focused on an energetic invitation that would capture the couples' creative personalities and playful style. Knowing a little bit about the couple, I wanted the suite to feel like it was telling a story with color, layers and texture. To illustrate this, we used a sun-bleached color palette, geometric patterns and multiple paper finishes.

The invitation was white foil-printed on kraft paper -- a simple color scheme that found a perfect balance with the busyness of the design. The map, directions and registry information were printed on a transparent white vellum to add another layer to the ethereal suite.

white foil kraft paper desert wedding invitationhouston wedding map vellum paperpost card rsvp | desert post card weddingA vintage-looking postcard RSVP was a must! It kept things casual and afforded us another opportunity to add gorgeous imagery -- in this case, a dreamy desert scene with pops of blush, green and dusty blue hues. On the flip side, we added a place to write advice for the newlyweds, of which the answers will undoubtedly provide insight, joy and maybe a couple of laughs years to card rsvp desert wedding invitation

Details, details, details! We picked up some of the Navajo-inspired patterns on the invitation and use them throughout the suite to unify each piece.white foil stamp kraft paper fiesta invitation

As a gift, the groom's mother commissioned custom thank you notes for Chris and Lindy. We used the L+C cross monogram from the RSVP card and had it gold-foiled stamped on crisp white paper for an effortlessly luxe look.

gold foil thank you notes desert wedding

For custom wedding celebration paper, contact Charm & Fig.

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